Who is Beth Powell
These days I’m known as a professional speaker, author and entrepeneur and what I do today is a result of hard work, my fair share of rejections and some risk taking. A combination of tenacity, curiosity and a drive for learning has helped me along the way. I’m passionate about the topics I talk about and strive to make a genuine difference to my audiences and clients.


My Entrepreneur Journey
I remember well when a recruiter first told me that I had a “portfolio career” – the kind of experience that’s a recruiter’s nightmare. Now I know that my portfolio approach to my working life has equipped me well for what I do today as a professional speaker, author, business coach and entrepreneur. I’ve worked in the not-for-profit sector, for government managing major events (The Sydney Olympic Games and the Sydney New Years Eve Fireworks shows), for a politician and on political campaigns, for a national sports organisation, in higher education, for an ASX listed corporation, in small business, for online businesses and now have my own business.
Yes, people do comment about the length of my LinkedIn Profile. But what this means is that I understand business
and organisations. I can proudly say that “I am experienced”.

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