To Question or Not To Question? That is the question?

To Question or not to Question? That is the Question

To Question or not to Question? That is the Question

I recently came across a thought provoking ‘quote’ which said ‘Learning begins with listening’.

I thought this pretty interesting and perhaps slightly narrow minded, as it assumed that the learner needed to take a backseat role. Even more interesting was the fact that this ‘quote’ was displayed outside a school….

I would have preferred the quote to read, ‘Learning begins with questioning’ which then assumes an interaction between both parties…and the fact that at some point there is an ensuing understanding.

This concept can best be applied to the study of social media, which in itself is a very dynamic and liquid medium. Given the constant channel updates, not to mention the myriad of ways in which one can achieve a multitude of outcomes, there is no place just for the passive ‘listener’.
Questioning is the greatest asset that we have and what we can work with, for without this, how do we adapt, and make improvements?
Sure, sometimes we get it wrong, but unless you are prepared to go out there and question the why (as in ‘why has this happened?’) and the how (as in ‘how can I improve it?’) – how do we expect our businesses to grow and our bottom lines to florish?
Similarly, with education, the key is to keep questioning, so as to find other and perhaps better ways of doing things.

As a digital marketing coach and trainer, I believe in making people accountable for what they learn by ‘putting what I preach into practice’ and to question the outcomes
Think about it…
Listening without implementation – defeats the purpose.
Implementation without questioning and learning – rarely happens.

So from one enthusiastic learner to another, let’s not listen without questioning.
And let’s not question without learning.

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