Facebook Ad Platform Changes: What it Means for You

Facebook ad platformFacebook Merges Ad Manager and Power Editor: The Upshot

Used to be you were either a Facebook Power Editor person or a Facebook Ads Manager person. I must confess noticing that the Power Editor people tended to look down their noses and the Ads Manager people.  But frankly, Power Editor was confusing… But, no longer do we need to be divided! Facebook has been merging the features of the two for a while, with an earlier roll out in the USA,  but now it’s here.

Now you will see the updated Ads Manager where you used to locate Power Editor or Ads Manager – you’ll especially notice the change when you go to check how your ads are performing and where you used to find data, you won’t see anything (more on that below). You’ll also notice it if you use the Facebook Business Manager platform.

So what? I hear you ask. Yes, indeed.  Here’s the upshot..

Facebook Ad Creation

The ad creation and editing tools of power editor are now within ad manager.  ‘Quick Creation‘ allows you to create your ads with the (ad creation) workflow in any order, instead of campaign > ad set> ads. The idea here is that if you know your way around ads creation, then this can be way faster for you. Alternatively, you can use ‘Guided Creation’ and you will be taken through creation step by step.

Facebook ad platform

Automatic saving as drafts is now in Ads Manager. This is great because you can create ads or parts of ads on the go, they will be automatically saved for later alteration or for publishing. An ad can’t go live until it’s published and you are specifically required to “review and publish” so you are not going to accidentally go live with an ad unless you take that step.

Facebook Ads Reporting

Perhaps the biggest change that I’m noticing is the ads reporting. You’re not going to see results from your ads in Ads Manager like you used to. Instead,  Facebook has combined the different reporting methods of Power Editor and Ads Manager into one reporting interface and you’ll find that under Ads Reporting.

Facebook ad platform

Here’s the documentation from Facebook about it, if you want more detail.

Let me know how you are faring with the change?

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